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Warning: I'm about to rant, and hard.

Nothing can thoroughly restore one's faith and confidence in this current administration quite as effortlessly as when Madeliene Albright opens her yap!

She reminds us just what genuine incompetence looks, sounds and smells like.

On the same day that Condi Rice is easily and historically confirmed as Secretary of State, the difference between the intelligence and capability of conservative women in power versus the shrill, hyper-reactionary,base and altogether hysterical "contribution" of liberal women in power could not be more breathtaking.

Republican women chair committees, advise presidents, lead government agencies and legislate...all with dignity, great distinction and grace. Even dissenters, like Olympia Snowe or Christy Whitman, are soundly reasoned and compelling in the expression of their concerns.

Compare that with the likes of Albright and Boxer, a pack of shrieking de-feminized feminist cliches who are frequently out-womyned by their male Democrat colleagues, out-performed by the folks who slap pancake on their face for those wretched tv close-ups, and out-thought by the furniture they sit on.

Despite endless attempts to organize and promote "sisterhood" - complete with an endless cacophony of self-promotion and exploitation of affirmative action perks designed for women in genuine want, not wanton women - these broads continue to lag behind.

Maddie gave us nukes in North Korea and an endless stream of violence and carnage in in the Middle East. Barbie set the overwhelming confirmation of Condi Rice to the miserable tune of her aged-like-an-ancient-wine jowly yowling during the confirmation vote run-up. Aged whine indeed!

One dangerously incompetent, one utterly irrelevant, both ugly in the extreme...how are we to take these dames seriously!?

Whew. I feel better now.